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Let Us Advertise for You with a Unique Vending Cart

Unique Presence:

Our carts are present in five different continents, serving business owners young and old, adding a special touch to fundraisers in schools and churches. They are also perfect for events in arenas, universities, cruise ships, shopping centers, parks, casinos, amusement parks, party rentals and many other concession locations.

Valued Creativity:

We are constantly evolving our team diligently working to create carts with style, adapting to new market demands and requirements.


You can expect nothing but the best and we look forward to providing you with your own Unique Vending Cart.

Create Opportunity:


With a Unique Vending Cart you have a wonderful business opportunity. A low start-up cost allows you to quickly have a return in your investment at a good location.


UVC makes no guarantees as results vary depending on individual efforts andvending location.

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