Item #502PC

502PC Draft Beer Push Cart

  • Ice refrigeration system   

    • Made of fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum.
    • Insulated compartment for coil and ice. 
    • Compartment for 50liter /13Gallon KEG. (KEG not included) 2.5lbs capacity CO2 cylinder (not included – available for $140) accommodates larger size cylinders.
    • Set of manometers, max pressure 3 bar.
    • Flow control faucet
    • Out put capacity – 330 x 300ml glasses/hr
    • Umbrella included. 
    • Cup dispenser. Coil: 12,7mm x 35mm, AISI 304 x 0.7mm, In/Out Line 01.01 
    • Connection gauge BSP/G5/8I inch. 
    • 02 Tires with inner tube 3,25x8. 

    This unique concept for commercializing beer makes ice-cold beer available to the consumer in open areas such as events at the beach, poolside at resorts, stadiums, etc. Ice refrigeration gives cart total mobility, no electricity necessary.      


    • H: 45”
    • W: 35”
    • L: 58”

    Net weight: 160Lbs

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We offer outstanding carts for the mobile food industry. They are made of fiberglass coated with the highest quality gel-coat paint, which provides UV protection making colors vivid and long lasting. Fiberglass coupled with stainless steel and aluminum creates carts that are lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, more hygienic and durable.​

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