Q - Can you customize a cart?
A - Yes, in various different ways. (Prices are for standard carts with immediate shipping for those in stock).


Colors: Certain carts are usually available in these standard colors: Hot Dog in red / Coconut in green / Lemonade in yellow / Shaved Ice in white / Draft Beer in white. It is possible to do a customized color at no additional cost with 2-3 months waiting period. Color rush service is an additional $500.

Cooking apparatus: Basic models can have different cooking apparatus added to them, thus adapting to a specific need.

Logos: we can add logos for a small additional cost, usually $120-$180 depending on the size of the logos. Please have Vector files available to email.

Optional: If you need additional sinks or hot/cold water installation on carts, it can be added depending on cart size permitting and additional cost for parts and labor.

Unique Carts: If you have a business and you want a unique cart created specifically for you, we have a wonderful team with years of experience. Custom order projects vary. Please complete the form below to begin your custom order. If you decide to move forward, a project fee may be applicable.

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We offer outstanding carts for the mobile food industry. They are made of fiberglass coated with the highest quality gel-coat paint, which provides UV protection making colors vivid and long lasting. Fiberglass coupled with stainless steel and aluminum creates carts that are lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, more hygienic and durable.​

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