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334PC Ice Cream Cart w/ 6 Cold Plates

    • Manufactured in Fiberglass
    • 600-700 novelty ice cream bars
    • Insulated  with polyurethane
    • Big top lid for easy access
    • Two tires with 3.25X8 inner tubes 
    • Iron frame with umbrella holder - umbrella included
    • Menu holder (price list) 
    • Trash bin
    • 6 Eutectic Cold Plates
    • Internal Dimensions (without the plates) :

    Width   Top : 20" Bottom 17"

    Length: Top: 27" Bottom : 25"

    Height : 21"

    Cold plates refrigeration uses frozen eutectic plates inside the body compartment to absorb heat to maintain the desired temperature levels. Those passive plates are “refrozen” each day during 10 /12 hours on a separate freezer. The freezing temperature of the eutectic solution is -33°C. The eutectic plates are filled with a solution that freezers at a specific temperature (eutectic point). In this way we produce an independent storage of cold at a well determined temperature, which is proportional to the quantity of eutectic solution and to its melting latent heat.

    The eutectic plates are used to maintain the temperature of the product which is already refrigerated or frozen. The exchange coefficient of the plates is of about 13.95 W/m2°C.

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